Tales of Rhayne

ales of Rhayne is a multiplayer action role playing game with a truly unique and realistic fighting system. It is currently under development, but we have come a long way. We have created a new type of fighting system that has been specifically designed for PC gaming, intead of using the older systems that were designed for pen and paper RPG's.

Player's who are tired of hitting another player 100 times and see the HP bar drop 10% will feel at home here. In combat, players realistically react to the actions of one another. If you ready your weapon to swing, your character will raise their weapon as if ready to swing. When you hit someone, they stumble and are affected by the hit.

Download game here

Tales of Rhayne is now available for download! Click on the link above to download Tales of Rhayne. You may create account in-game, or click the link below to create one online.

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