Tales of Rhayne


Tales of Rhayne is currently under development. We are a team of 8 people from all over the world. Our next goal is to release the next open alpha version. In September 2014 we released the first alpha that we learned a lot from. At that time we only had one map and a complicated gamemode menu which was what started the game. At the time we had 500 players downloading and playing the game.

We are testing a lot of new features and ideas. And we reserve the right to make changes here and there so nothing is set in stone. Some ideas have turned out to be not as good as we initially expected, so those have been removed. Feel free to enter the forums and help us out by giving us feedback and ideas.

Want To Contribute?

If you want to help us in any way, mail Fredrik@langustus.com. We are currently looking for:

  • 3D modeler
  • Gameplay video making. Someone who can record gameplay videos with friend and edit them.
  • Webmaster. Someone who can help with the web page, newsletter, and in future Kickstarter campaign.



We are planning to do a kickstarer campain to get funding for our project so that we can make it the way we want it.
Would you back us if we did a kickstarter campaign?


Todo list


  • Character view/creation & new UI
  • More abilities (both normal and gods)
  • More magic and spells
  • More skills
  • Talent trees
  • Capture the flag mode
  • Complete the co-op campaign
  • Engineer Talentree



We are using Unity in the development. Unity make it very easy for us and there is alot of models and textures you can buy and use. We are making some of the models ourself but most of them we bought, maybe in future we replace them all with our own models. But right now we focus on the gameplay.
Unity 3D