Tales of Rhayne


Most abilities are earned when you level up. Some races may start with a few abilities. Here are some examples:

Bull's Strength

Gain +2 Strength
This ability adds magic strength, which means it can go over max strength for his/hers race.

Orc's Strength

Gain +3 Strength
It pays off to be part of the powerful Orc race.


Gain +6 Dual Wield.


Gain + 4 Bowskill and Aim.

Weapon Focus

Melee skill gets bonuses from Agility instead of Strength if it is higher.
Does not work if either hand weighs 3 or more.

Stone Giant Power

Once every 5 minutes the character may enter a Giant mode for 30 seconds.
Gain + 5 Strength
Gain + 8 Size

This is a Gods ability.

Stone Skin

Gain + 2 Armour

This is a Gods ability.


Gain the DarkVision ability which allows you to see in the dark.

Different Races have different DarkVision strengths. The Drows are known to have the best DarkVision powers.
This is a Gods ability, and/or racial ability.