Tales of Rhayne


My name is Rhayne. I was an ordinary man. I grew powerful with the best that land could offer, studied with the best master, married with most beautiful woman, raised my strong willed children, and still died before my time. So many times my head was on the dirt and my body being dragged by a horse in a god forsaken road. All of this crossed my mind near the end. And why? Because I was so sure of my immortality and the life I would have.

But then came the Chaos with its brutality, anger, and lust for power. They invaded the land, claimed it as rightfully theirs, and destroyed everything I had built for a laugh and some petty quarrels. One thing they had forgot erupted from within me like a dormant volcano waiting for its chance to reign down destruction. I arose from the dead more powerful than ever, and finally grasped the bittersweet revenge as it mesmerized all my actions into an inescapable nightmare. Nothing would escape. Not even my closest allies could stop me now.

In the end only a few races of humanoids and animals remained. What to do? Eliminate them? No, that is not their purpose. They shall endure. They are the chosen ones to repopulate my world. To live the tales I created. One day they will find me, together as allies, or alone as individuals. And we will fight for the power that I, and only I, possess. No matter which god they pray to and skills or magic they follow, I will defeat them.

Do you still call me Rhayne? No. I am now the God of gods, and this is my world...