Tales of Rhayne


Here is a list of some of the skills in Tales of Rhayne.

Starting Skills


The skills used in hand to hand combat, both to-hit and parry. To hit and attack you need to roll below your to-hit value +5 with a d20. If attack from behind you get additional +7 and from side additional +3.
To parry an attack you have to roll below: (your Parry value - [attacker to hit roll margin] + 10).

  • Required: Nothing
  • Based On: Strength
    (Or Agility if it is higher than Strength with the Weapon Focus ability)
  • Passive - The attacks are activated, but parries are passive


Used to dodge incoming melee attacks.
To successfully dodge, you must roll greater than 0 with this formula: Dodge +10 - (attacker to hit roll margin).

  • Required: Nothing
  • Based On: Agility
  • Passive


Allows you to detect stealthed enemies, hidden treasures, hidden doors, traps, and etc:

  • Required: Nothing
  • Based On: Wisdom
  • Passive


Get better prices in the shop.

  • Required: Nothing
  • Based On: Charisma
  • Passive

Level-Up Roll Skills


Used for hiding from players or NPC's. Every two seconds a check is made with everyone that can potentially see you: their Spotting skill versus your Stealth skill. The distance between targets is also part of the calculation.
Note: Some classes have been said to start with this ability.

  • Required: Nothing
  • Based On: Agility
  • Passive
  • Default: No

First Aid

Can be used to heal bleeding players or NPC's. Also gives a temporary speed boost to the target for 15 seconds. If extremely unlucky, a critical failure may cause bleeding.

  • Required: Nothing
  • Based On: Intelligence
  • Passive
  • Default: Yes

There are a lot of Level-Up Roll options that aren't listed here. There are skills that are specific to certain Gods, others are specific to certain Races, and some can be earned by everyone. It's up to you to learn more about these mysterious powers.

With more skills to come in the near future!

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